What happened? ...
December 2010
Upgraded this site, melissaholland.net, particularly the home page and photography sections.

November 2010

Food for thought: On the impact of the web on reading... "Once I was a scuba diver in the sea of words. Now I zip along the surface like a guy on a Jet Ski." (The Shallows, Nicholas Carr)

September 2010
Quote of the month: "We live in a software world where every aspect of our lives has an app, an option, a menu, a mouse, a button or a wi-fi, gesture-based, motion controlled nunchuk." (Audio Technology magazine, July 2010, p56, Mike Stavrou)

June 2010
'... it is not how much empty space there is, but rather how it is used. It is not how much information there is, but rather how effectively it is arranged.' (Envisioning Information, Edward R. Tufte)

March 2010

On 10 Mar 2010, the Asian elephant 'Mr Shuffles ' (Pathi Harn) was born at Taronga Zoo in Australia http://babyelephant.taronga.org.au ...

My illustrations called Little Elephants Raiding the Village and Boy Capturing the Little Elephant – which accompanied a story that I co-wrote – were inspired by little guys like 'Mr Shuffles' and his cousin Luk Chai.

February 2010
Reviewing Understanding Comics by Scott McCloud, after having read it a number of years ago, reminded me of how it (amongst other artists/books) influenced this project (note: only excerpts of the project are available).

January 2010
Finally uploaded new shots to the web.

December 2009

No flowers to be seen.

November 2009

Scanned lots of shots of flowers and posted a few to the web.

October 2009

Took more shots of flowers with a macro lens.

September 2009

Took lots of shots of flowers with a macro lens.

August 2009
Updated index and photography sections (Flowers 01 and Flowers 02).

July 2009
Swine. Flew?

June 2009

May 2009
May. Nothing to say.

April 2009
Almost time for a front page rejig!

March 2009
I entered a drawing in the Koko Black Drawing Competition 2009. It was fun to meet the brief, and I really enjoyed incorporating an Aztec and chocolate flavour (pun intended) into my entry. European chocolate still rocks.

February 2009
Bushfires in Australia. Donate to: www.wildlifevictoria.org.au and

03 January 2009
Uploaded first tile image ... the first picture for 2009 and a departure from photography (time to pull out the paintbrushes).

01 December 2008
Scanners. Film. Single Lens Reflex camera. How about starting the (semi-) Slow Photography Movement?

15 November 2008
Image of the month updated late. Why? The perils of film ... (hunting things to photograph in order to use up the roll).

11 October 2008
Good news everyone. You can now purchase select cards, prints and posters at: http://www.redbubble.com/people/melissaholland

06 October 2008
Image uploaded late. Why? Spring sun, Spring electrical storms and Spring cleaning (happily) interrupted computery stuff.

31 August 2008
September image loaded 1 hour ahead of schedule. Also, currently preparing select photographs for sale on RedBubble – they have been popular as gifts, so it will be interesting to see how people in the ether take to them.

01 August 2008
July's image has been eclipsed by the new image. Some shots have been scanned for RedBubble.

02 July 2008
So far, so good. Image of the Month uploaded on time and to budget for two months in a row.

11 May 2008
An even better day. This site went live.

08 May 2008
A good day. Uploaded music to MySpace.

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