I earn my keep in new media, and also enjoy creating concept art and electronic music.

What is new media?
Wikipedia contains a good description of new media at:

Here is an excerpt from the article that sums it up nicely: "New media rely on digital technologies, allowing for previously separate media to converge ... 'The idea of ‘new media’ captures both the development of unique forms of digital media, and the remaking of more traditional media forms to adopt and adapt to the new media technologies.'[1]"

How do I earn my keep?
I currently work on projects that focus on customer experience design and management.

To date, all of my work has involved communicating ideas using new and traditional media including web, print, interactive multimedia, photography, motion graphics and animation, video and audio.

I have also provided 'hands-on' ICT and audiovisual hardware and software support.

In addition to studying new media at university, my long-term hobbies have included – studying the keyboard/synthesiser (including music theory and writing and recording music); illustration; airbrushing; and photography.

Refer to my Links page for some of the people and books that have influenced me.

Buy stuff
Some of my photos and illustrations can be purchased through RedBubble at:

Listen to stuff
Some of my music can be heard using MySpace at:

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