Oboe and Melodeon have fun writing music together.

They do some recording.
But they need a singer.
What to do, what to do.

Ah hah! Oboe meets a fellow called Dulcimer, who prefers writing songs to essays.

Drinking wine and beer, they talk and talk,

mostly about music

We get on alright.

We do some recording together.

Dulcimer makes friends with the microphone.
Melodeon sounds good, when she's on the right side of the keyboard,
while Oboe plays guitar with his hands and records with his feet.

Timpani the friendly drummer helps us out on the tracks.
While recording, Oboe (Davros) pulls everyone up for making mistakes.
He cracks the whip.

Dulcimer sings. Take 1,
Take 2 ...

Melodeon tries to make friends with the metronome.
Oboe's hands and feet work faster, and faster ...

Timpani gets cabin fever...

Harmony at last.

Hopefully Oboe remembers to press 'record'.

We stop recording.
Oboe mixes down the tracks. He goes crazy like mixed nuts.
Mix + master = CD

Melodeon digs out the pencils and airbrush. Hello cover art, goodbye sanity.

All done!
You can make up the rest.


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